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Ecole CIMPA LMV / GMIT (Mongolie) 'Data assimilation, optimization and applications'

L'école CIMPA, conjointement organisée par le Laboratoire de Mathématiques de Versailles et l'Université GMIT d'Oulan Bator en Mongolie se déroule du 5 juillet au 10 juillet 2021 en mode hybride. Elle a pour objectif de présenter les différentes thématiques en optimisation et leurs applications.

du 5 juillet 2021 au 10 juillet 2021

Oulan Bator, Mongolie
Langue officielle de l'école : anglais

Optimization problems are encountered in many fields (engineering, finance, economics) an can lead to various mathematical formulations: convex or nonconvex type function, blackbox function, integer or continuous type and with various constraints. In some cases, it is also important to treat the effect of uncertainties and also to handle a large amount of data measurements.

The objective of this CIMPA school is to present various topics in the field of optimization and data assimilation in order to solve such applied problems. In all the courses, a particular application will be targeted in order to apply the mathematical tools that will be presented.

The research school will give participants the opportunity to learn recent developments on topics including data analysis, modeling and optimization techniques and to discuss about current situation of own research activities, improvement and collaboration with invited experts.

More information on the web site of the school: